Pandemic resilient house

Arising out of the challenges thrown in the way of house design by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown situation, the concept for the pandemic resilient house focusses on creating a healthy house with naturally lit spaces with close connection to nature. While providing for adequate work from home, entertainment, recreation and fitness activities, the house creates isolatable bedrooms with attached toilet and visual connection to outside to facilitate quarantine and social distancing. Visitor interaction is structured with sanitization before entering, and optimized penetration by visitors. The built area of the house is complimented by open areas and green areas, which provide connections to the outside, make for recreational spaces, and help in making the house self-sufficient through the planting of food, medicinal and insect repelling plants.

The design has been selected in the Top 50 designs by Arcasia Committe on Young Architects, an international organisation consisting of Architects from 21 Asian countries in May 2020.