Vocational Training Centre, Gurugram*

The Vocational Training Centre for Women at Gurugram aims to develop a training facility for under-privileged women of rural Gurugram. Imparting various skills in the domains of hospitality, textiles, language, IT etc., the campus is designed as a compact building having distinct blocks, connected through courtyards, which act as aesthetically pleasing community spaces as well as create a comfortable micro-climate in the otherwise composite climate of the location. The campus is designed as a barrier free environment and the proportions are designed to have a friendly association with the human scale, thus creating a humane campus to create an environment that is conducive for training of women coming from diverse walks of life.


Vocational Training Centre at Gurugram


Vocational Training Centre at Gurugram

Disclaimer- the project was designed and developed as an employee of Studio 4D Architects. Copyright for the information belongs to Studio 4D Architects.